Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City- Canine Rehabilitation – Self Swim


Want to get in on the fun, and enjoy a soothing soak of your own?

After a successful New Client Visit, you are now in charge of your own swim session with your pet.  The pool is reserved for you & your pooch only.

Self Swim is an excellent choice for owners who are looking for unbeatable quality time. Choose from our toy selection at your leisure, or feel free to bring your pup’s favorite item from home.

Hospice swims are truly memorable experiences for a pup whose time may be limited. We will provide you with privacy & a quiet calm environment in which you can savor the final moments spent with your best friend.

oldTwo dogs from the same household are permitted during a Self Swim Session, as long as two handlers are present within the pool at all times. Each dog must complete a successful New Client Visit prior to receiving the OK for Self Swim sessions to commence.  + $20 per session for additional dog from same household.

Please dress accordingly, as water temperature is maintained at roughly 90 degrees. We encourage you to bring your own towels & any other personal items for your comfort both here, and on the drive home.

Any Self Swim participant under the age of 18 must have guardian’s signature on liability waiver.

No veterinary referral is necessary for Self Swim sessions.