Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City- Canine Rehabilitation – Red

Red, age 12, underwent TPLO surgery in early October of 2015, and began coming to Dog Dive for Aquassage starting mid December 2015 after being referred to us by his Sports Rehabilitation veterinarian. Our goal for Red was to re-strengthen his hind- quarters, build muscle mass especially in his right rear limb, and start him on a safe road to recovery. Red has been swimming with us twice weekly since December and his progress is something to brag about! His endurance has skyrocketed, and only after a few short weeks, Red’s surgery leg has strengthened to match his non-surgical leg! During Red’s sessions, we create a balance of aerobic exercise from swimming laps, resistance techniques, and a relaxing & therapeutic combination of massage therapy, stretching, and range of motion while docked on our underwater massage table. Red’s mind and body both get the stimulation and exertion that they need! Red truly exemplifies the power of Aquassage warm water swim. His consistence to the swim program has yielded truly wonderful results that enable him to live a healthier & happier life. After trying acupuncture & even the underwater treadmill, Red’s owner has seen the most dramatic progress with swim sessions at Dog Dive. He is now eagerly jumping up into his owner’s bed, into the SUV, and enjoying longer walks with an extra pep in his step. Red’s progress continues to unfold, due to his owner’s dedication and commitment to his Aquassage. Go Red!