Recreational Swim for Dogs in Park City – Canine Exercising – Dog Swimming Pools


Our Recreational Swim session can accomplish several goals. Same as with our other sessions, this is a private, one on one session.

Recreational swim can act as swim lessons for the beginner swimmer. We will focus on developing a comfortable & confident relationship with water, and honing those swim skills. Swim lesson sessions are appropriate for dogs of all ages and breeds! We see many puppies, as well as older pups that for whatever the reason may be, have remained fearful of water well into their older years.

Recreational swim sessions are also amazing for pets of all ages that need to improve their muscle mass! Swim is bar none the best form of exercise to accomplish this task. We see many middle aged & senior clients utilizing this session in order to build muscle via swimming, as the pool offers a high resistance and zero impact environment. Muscle growth can happen very quickly with a consistent swim regiment. This translates to an overall stronger dog with better balance & mobility on land, with far less susceptibility to injury. Just as with us humans, remaining in peak shape is the best defense against disease, injury, and mobility deficiencies later in life.

Recreational swim is also ideal for pups that need to blow off some steam! Even a 30- minute session will leave any retriever ready for nap- time.

We proudly see many dogs that suffer from human & dog aggression, and other behavioral “disorders.” These sessions are life -savers for many pets that cannot handle gregarious social situations. With our private sessions, they can thrive!

Because this session does not integrate canine massage therapy, a veterinary referral is not required.

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Angela at the Dog Dive Spa with a puppy during recreational swim
Angela with a dog during recreational swim