Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City- Canine Rehabilitation – Policies & Procedures


Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Dog Dive, LLC!  In order to ensure the safest and most memorable experience for both you and your pet please, become familiar with the following policies, procedures, and release of liability waiver. If you have any further questions regarding any protocol, please do not hesitate to ask.


Preparing for your visit

~ No food minimum 4 hours prior to swimming. It is important to refrain from feeding your pet prior to his/ her swim. This will prevent digestive discomfort, vomiting, bloat, and pool defecation. Just as we humans refrain from eating prior to a strenuous swim; the same applies to your pet.

~ Brush your pet. This is a quick and easy way to help reduce the amount of fur that accumulates within the pool and the filtration system, especially during shedding seasons. The client after you certainly will appreciate your consideration.

~ No excess mud/dirt. Pure and simple- please make sure your pet is clean! Dirty or mud-covered dogs are not welcome in the pool. Save your pet the embarrassment of being sent home for poor hygiene, and bathe your pet prior to his/ her visit if necessary.

~ Nails. Overgrown nails can be dangerous, so please keep your dog’s nails at proper length.

~ Towels. Towels and blow dryers are provided for your pet’s comfort and convenience after swimming. It is highly advisable to bring extra towels, especially during colder months, for the car ride home, to ensure your pet’s warmth.

Upon Arrival

~ Please arrive early to allow your pet adequate time to empty the bladder and bowels prior to the session.  Car rides are stimulating, and most pets will be in an excited state upon arrival, so please encourage and ensure that your pet has every opportunity to relieve him/herself after getting out of the car.

~Leash your pet at all times. For the safety of your pet, please keep him/ her leashed until instructed otherwise.  Please exercise caution, and ask owner permission before allowing pets to intermingle. Many of our canine clients are recovering from a recent injury or surgery, so please be mindful of each dog’s potentially fragile state.

During Your Session

~ Under no circumstance should a pet be left unattended in the pool
~ No jumping into the pool; no horseplay within the pool
~ Please take caution when walking into and out of the pool area- floor may be slippery! For this reason, following your pet’s session, please leash him/ her immediately.

After Your Session

~Please take advantage of complimentary towels, and blow dryer for your pet in the grooming enclosure. We always make the blower available to your pet post- session to ensure that he/ she is leaving warm & comfortable. This is especially crucial for any pet recovering from an injury or surgery.

Scheduling Policy

Please be aware that The Dog Dive enforces a strict same day cancellation policy. If you cannot make your appointment, simply call and cancel, or reschedule, no less than 8 hours in advance to avoid any charges. No show appointments will be charged the full  cost of the session. 

If your pet is feeling ill, please demonstrate courtesy to the rest of our clients, and especially to your own pet, by rescheduling your appointment for a later date. Swimming while ill will only exacerbate your pet’s condition. Please notify us immediately if your pet begins suffering from any gastrointestinal upsets prior to appointment, as rescheduling for a later date will be necessary.  


Swim packages, regardless of type, are available to keep your pet swimming consistently; on a regiment or program. Packages expire 1 year from date of purchase. If 6 months should pass without a visit, we reserve the right to conduct another New Client Visit with your pet, to determine and assess his/ her current well being, and level of fitness and mobility.

Pool Defecation

Defecation within the pool is a serious incident- it can result in business closure for up to 72 hours, as draining, sanitizing, refilling, and reheating the pool is necessary in worst cases.  For this reason, it is critical that we be made aware of any pet suffering from incontinence or digestive upset.  If your pet has an accident within the swimming pool, we will end the session, and the owner shall be responsible for the cost of that session. If the incident is severe, and requires that the swimming pool be completely drained, the owner of the pet responsible for the pool defecation shall be charged a cleanup fee of $300 to help offset the cost of business closure & cleaning. 

Liability Agreement

I understand I am responsible for, and agree to provide The Dog Dive, LLC with the most current medical information for the dog(s) brought to The Dog Dive, LLC for canine warm water swim services. I agree that I am ultimately responsible for determining whether the canine water therapy services provided by The Dog Dive, LLC are appropriate for my dog(s). I agree that all information provided within the client intake form is honest, accurate, and current, and agree to notify The Dog Dive, LLC immediately following any changes to the information provided.

I understand that The Dog Dive, LLC is not a licensed veterinary clinic and does not provide any medical procedures.

I, the undersigned, warrant that I am the owner or person responsible for the canine(s) brought to The Dog Dive, LLC for services, and therefore accept and promise full liability and responsibility for damages to property or injury or death to people or other animals arising out of use of the grounds and swim spa and my actions and conduct, along with the actions and conduct of my canine(s), and accordingly agree to indemnify and hold harmless, The Dog Dive, LLC and its owners and employees for money damages and attorney fees; and further waive all personal claims and release The Dog Dive, LLC, its owners and employees, for damage, injury or death sustained by me, arising out of my participation in the activities and services of The Dog Dive, LLC or presence on or use of the premises where services are performed; and further waive subrogation claims of insurers.

I understand & agree that payment in full is due at the time services are rendered. I understand & agree that an 8-hour prior notice of cancellation is required. I understand and agree that I am responsible for paying the cost of a scheduled appointment if I cancel with less than 8 hours notice, or no show.

I understand & agree that a severe pool defecation incident causes business closure for up to 72 hours, and agree to pay a cleanup fee of $300 if my pet is responsible for such an incident. I understand and agree that I am responsible for the cost of the session if my pet should have a urinary or fecal accident during that session.


  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

The Dog Dive, LLC honors the client confidentiality compact and will only release information to those parties designated in writing by you. We do not, and will not, ever sell your personal information. The Dog Dive, LLC retains this information for one (1) year from the date noted on this form.