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screen-shot-2017-09-21-at-7-28-21-pmNew Clients

Your first session is referred to as a New Client Visit. This first time visit lasts 45-60 minutes, and is a one on one session with Angela. We begin by reviewing health history, and having a proper meet & greet with your pup. We will then make our way up to the swimming pool, and have roughly 30 minutes in the water. You may utilize our complimentary blow dryer after the session if you wish.

The purpose of this first visit is to assess your pup, learn about his/her personality, build trust, and create a positive association with our space. We will take things at a speed that is most comfortable for your pet, and provide him/her with a safe, comfortable, and controlled introductory visit.

Upon conclusion of your New Client Visit, we can now recommend the proper follow up session type, as well as create a swim regiment that is best suited to the unique needs of your pet.

We proudly see many dogs that suffer from human & dog aggression, and other behavioral “disorders.” These sessions are life -savers for many pets that cannot handle gregarious social situations, but of course still need exercise & mental stimulation.  With our private sessions, they can thrive!



screen-shot-2017-09-21-at-7-36-33-pmPreparing For Your Visit

  • It is important to always remember to refrain from feeding your dog at least 4 hours prior to his/her swim session. This will prevent digestive discomfort, vomiting, bloat, and pool defecation. Just as we humans refrain from eating prior to a strenuous swim, the same applies to your pet.
  • Please arrive a few moments early to allow your pet adequate time to potty outside. It is critical that all dogs are entering the pool area with empty bladder & bowels. Car rides are stimulating, so please allow your pet a chance to relieve him/herself after getting out of the car.
  • Towels, as well as our blow dryer, are provided for your pet’s comfort and convenience after swimming. It is highly advisable to bring extra towels, especially during colder months, for the car ride home, to ensure your pet’s warmth.
  • Life jackets & toys are provided- but feel free to bring along your pup’s favorite toy if he/she has one!
  • Pets entering must be leashed. For the safety of your pet, please keep him/ her leashed until instructed otherwise. Please exercise caution, and ask owner permission before allowing pets to intermingle. Many of our canine clients are recovering from a recent injury or surgery, so please be mindful of each dog’s potentially fragile state.


What To Expect Afterward

The warm pool can have quite a strong physiological affect on the body. With almost all senior dogs, painful pets, poor mobility & injury cases, the pool leaves your pup feeling invigorated, rather than exhausted. Quite similar to us humans after enjoying a long soak in the hot tub, or an amazing workout. Endorphins are pumping, the body is releasing serotonin, muscles are noodly & loose, heart rate is increased…your dog is feeling good! Many dogs will feel energized & playful immediately following the session, or this invigoration will set in the following day. Some dogs, especially stagnant seniors, will experience a detox affect after their warm swim, as the circulatory system is stimulated. Extra urination & defecation is possible with these pets. Many pet owners report an immediate improvement in mobility & energy after session one. Dogs with poor appetites will usually take a meal. Consistent swimming always leads to increased energy and vibrancy, especially with our older & more fragile pets. Owners with senior/ painful pets love to describe a “turning back the clock affect” with consistent warm water swim- their pup is energized, has greater endurance, zest for life and playfulness that is reminiscent of their younger years.



We are located off of the I-80 Jeremy Ranch Exit in Pinebrook. We are located directly next door to O’Shucks Bar & Grill on their back patio side, in the Quarry Village Shopping Center.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your upcoming New Client Visit, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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