Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City- Canine Rehabilitation – Lola


August 2017
My name is Sharon Starika, owner of Lola, a 13 year old Miniature Schnauzer

This is our story about how Angela Dirkers changed our life!

lolas-testimonialA year ago this past Fall, Lola popped a disc into her spinal canal.  Not slightly, but severe. Within days Lola began to loose balance and her ability to load on her right leg. I took her to my wonderful Vet. She was diagnosed with a ruptured disc into her spinal cord. My Vet strongly encouraged back surgery. It was a lot to swallow.  I somehow didn’t think it was that bad.  I delayed the
unavoidable. By putting off surgery Lola’s condition worsened.  She began Rymadyl daily to help ease the inflammation & pain.

It’s so hard to know what your dog is experiencing since they can’t talk, but Lola continued to move slow, often falling to the side, not showing much interest in eating, or even just being. By March her conditions worsened to the point she could no longer stand on her legs to go to the bathroom. We had to carry her throughout the house, and to go outside.  Things were looking bleak.

I was faced with an immediate decision, surgery, or put Lola down. I decided to go for it and do surgery.  The initial office visit was rough.  The Dr. wasn’t even sure if Lola would survive the surgery, let alone improve. Nonetheless, I was onboard.

Needless to say, she made it through and began her recovery. Since the entire disk was imbedded into her spinal cord, even with the surgery they weren’t sure how much Lola would recover. But she did…..slowly.

By early May I had heard of Angela and her water therapy.  Even though Lola could walk now, she was slow, her back still hunched, and no pep. Still unable to do stairs, and often off balance tipping to one side. Why not give it a try.

From the moment I met Angela, I Loved her. Not only is she super professional, and knows what she is doing, but she is kind, loving, caring, & gentle. Her energy is contagious.  I knew right away it was the right decision.

We decided to have her work with Lola twice a week.  I wasn’t expecting miracles, in fact I really had no expectations. What I began to see is Lola using her back legs more, the rounded spine became more straight, her tail even started to lift. We started to walk around the block….Lola began to enjoy her walking, even starting to trot, and wanting to sniff absolutely everywhere. Even in the house, Lola began to walk up & down the stairs, which by the way she now runs up and down the stairs. Jump up on the couch and snuggle closely to me to watch a movie.

Most of all, Lola’s personality is back.  She is full of life again.  Happy to walk, even played with a puppy yesterday.  Everyone, including the Dr. and my Vet are beyond amazed at Lola’s recovery.  Not just due to the situation, but her age. I think she thinks she 7-8 again. Lola has been the greatest joy of my life for 13 years, and Angela not only brought Lola back to life, but to a place where I know I have at least 3-4 more wonderful years to enjoy her.

Angela changed our lives. She gave me my greatest joy back to me!   My Love and gratitude  is daily.

Thank YOU Angela.