Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City- Canine Rehabilitation – Kaiya

How adorable is Kaiya? Little Kaiya is 7 years old, & she came to us post TPLO surgery after being referred to us by her canine physical therapist. Like many Chihuahuas, Kaiya was not a fan of water. Our first couple of Aquassage sessions called for patience, and we took things very slow in order to create a positive association with our space. By session three this little girl was self- launching off of our submerged water table, and incessantly wagging her tail in excitement throughout her entire session. In a nutshell Kaiya has transformed into a total dolphin. Kaiya is the perfect example of a “non water dog” who is able to thrive here…she just needed the right tools and leadership to succeed.

Here is what Kaiya’s owner Alissa has to say about her experience thus far:

Up until the injury her favorite play consisted of “keep-away”…high impact running back and forth with sharp turns and jumps.  She is small but liked to play hard.  I feel this aided in creating the injury since she already suffered from patellar luxation and had had surgery on it in 2013.  I watch Kaiya during her Aquassage sessions getting this INTENSE cardiovascular workout, enjoying every minute, and I’m not stressed about ANY wear or tear on her joints.   It’s when those muscles are warm that you are able to do the massage which I feel has stimulated muscle regeneration, released the toxins that get caught in injury sites, and overall just feel good with sites of discomfort.

The biggest surprise for me (besides the fact that she actually likes water) is the profound impact it’s had on her confidence.  What before would have caused her to turn and run (a loud diesel truck passing by during a walk) she is no longer bothered by.  She is working on agility equipment, and running up and down ramps.  She enjoys the mental stimulation.

There isn’t a way to measure the countless benefits I’ve seen with Kaiya through her Aquassage Sessions at the Dog Dive.  There is no doubt in my mind had she been introduced to water in an environment with multiple dogs or other stimuli occurring at the same time I would not have the excited little pup who is ready to hit the water when we walk through the doors.  The Dog Dive will remain a constant in Kaiya’s regimen for the rest of her years.