Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City- Canine Rehabilitation – History Of

6132900_lWhere Did This Concept Come From?

As new of a concept as canine warm water swim may seem- this therapy has been around for decades. It is just within the last 20 years or so that we are beginning to see canine warm water swimming pools pop up throughout the US, offering their services for companion animals. For decade’s prior, warm water swim was used primarily with racing horses and dogs, as a means of recuperation post race or show. These animals also needed these sessions in order to maintain their muscle tone, strength, flexibility, endurance- and of course, to help rehabilitate injuries due to their overly athletic & physically demanding lifestyles. Canine hydrotherapy has long been a successful and bustling industry in Europe and the U.K, endorsed by health care professionals from all backgrounds as a valid method of recovery and wellness preservation. The methods that U.S commercial businesses are now implementing in their warm water pools, such as the non-chlorinated treatment of pool water, water temperature, and even session durations, are methods and practices that have long been perfected by the English and Europeans, through extensive trial, error, and experience.

Clients always ask us, how did you come up with this idea? Our response- Not our idea! We’re just the first to bring the industry to Utah. Since it’s evolution from the performance animal arena, we are now seeing warm water swimming creep into our lives as a household name. Visit cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, Portland OR, or LA and you will soon see that these areas are progressive epicenters for canine warm water swim facilities- and the industry is picking up great momentum and spreading throughout the U.S- becoming valued and appreciated by veterinarians and other canine healthcare professionals & pet owners alike. The canine wellness industry has become almost as integrated as the human healthcare industry. Pet owners are more open- minded, educated and dedicated than ever, and many are committed to replacing prescription pills or surgery with true healing from the inside out. As companion animal pet owners see these wonderful results that warm water swim continues to yield, we are able to grow as an industry and provide this fantastic modality to our household pets, not just our athletes. Here in the US, we are a tight knit community of professionals who are committed to furthering this industry with the utmost moral and ethical foundation, and to educate the general public on the history, impact, benefits and entire philosophy behind canine warm water swim.