Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City- Canine Rehabilitation – Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog does not like water?

Affinity towards water is in no way a pre-requisite for water therapy. Many of our most successful canine clients are “non water loving” dogs. We see dogs on a daily basis who do not enjoy swimming or being near water. How do they have such success? Manual support, proper guidance, and a little patience usually does the trick. Our hydrotherapist will assist your dog from start to finish, so your dog is never alone nor is expected to perform outside of his/ her comfort zone. The temperature of the water immediately relaxes and soothes the body. Our space is calm, controlled and private, which helps create the perfect ambiance in which your pet can thrive.

What is the Psychological Impact of Water Therapy?

Many clients are quick to understand the physical impact water therapy has upon the canine body, however many are quite surprised to learn the vast imprint these sessions leave on the mind, allowing for profound healing and growth to take place. After all, water is deeply therapeutic and healing by nature.

We see many dogs coming through our door that have been victims of past abuse or trauma, and are striving to adjust to life with an adoptive family. Others may suffer from dog or human aggression, anxiety, or severe lack of confidence. Above all, when past trauma is a factor, the ability to trust humans is greatly affected. Water therapy exposes the fragile mind to something new and unfamiliar. With strong leadership and loving support from a trained professional, both the hydrotherapist and dog work together to break through the psychological barriers that have prevented harmony.

With patience, positive reinforcement, consistency, and well-established trust, these dogs are able to blossom. Many owners are astounded with the boost of confidence and self -assurance that comes along with our therapeutic sessions. Some of our most successful canine clients have used water therapy as an invaluable tool to clear hurdles that had previously hindered their psychological health and happiness. We set the stage for these dogs to enjoy life as well adjusted, social, secure and happy pups!

What can I expect after a session?

The warm pool can have quite a strong physiological affect on the body. With almost all senior dogs, painful pets, poor mobility & injury cases, the pool leaves your pup feeling invigorated, rather than exhausted. Quite similar to us humans after enjoying a long soak in the hot tub, or an amazing workout. Endorphins are pumping, the body is releasing serotonin, muscles are noodly & loose, heart rate is increased…your dog is feeling good! Many dogs will feel energized & playful immediately following the session, or this invigoration will set in the following day. Some dogs, especially stagnant seniors, will experience a detox affect after their warm swim, as the circulatory system is stimulated. Extra urination & defecation is possible with these pets. Many pet owners report an immediate improvement in mobility & energy after session one. Dogs with poor appetites will usually take a meal. Consistent swimming always leads to increased energy and vibrancy, especially with our older & more fragile pets. Owners with senior/ painful pets love to describe a “turning back the clock affect” with consistent warm water swim- their pup is energized, has greater endurance, zest for life and playfulness that is reminiscent of their younger years.