Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City- Canine Rehabilitation – Ellie


Ellie The Lab

A Testimonial from her owner, Brenda N.

Ellie is an 11-year old lab who has suffered with elbow dysplasia and arthritis for several years. She experienced so much pain with basic walking and had to take pain medications daily. We started taking Ellie to the Dog Dive several months ago and the work that Angela has done with Ellie has been absolutely miraculous! Ellie almost never takes her pain meds anymore, she hasn’t limped in months, she has tons of energy, and she loves to go on hikes again!! It’s like she’s 5 years’ younger and it’s all because of the work Angela has done with Ellie. We now go to the Dog Dive every 2 weeks just for basic maintenance and Ellie can’t wait to get there. She jumps out of the car and then goes straight into the water…Ellie just loves Angela!! Thank you, Angela, for everything you have done and continue to do for Ellie…you’re the best!!