Customer Reviews for The Dog Dive – Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City





“As a Rehab and Sports Medicine specialty veterinarian, I can’t say enough good things about The Dog Dive and Angela. We have sent several of our sports medicine and injury rehabilitation patients needing everything from gentle conditioning to major injury therapy to Angela, and EVERY SINGLE dog has improved faster than would be expected with either standard or underwater treadmill rehab therapy. The dogs come back happy as do their human chauffeurs. My work in healing (standard rehab, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc) often progresses significantly faster and better when my patients are also working with Angela at The Dog Dive. We consider her an integral part of the rehab team! We love you over there, Angela!!!!” – Dr. Kimberly Henneman of Animal Health V.I.P’s in Park City

“Incredible! After trying acupuncture, laser, Rimadyl and hemp oil…I came across the Dog Dive. What a find! Angela does an incredible job. The results were seen within hours. Lacey, my dog, is 12 years old and this has helped her arthritis better than everything else. Time to get off the drugs and into the pool! Thanks so much for your work , Angela!!!!” – Orlie Ann B.

“Angela is amazing with my dog! I am shocked and amazed at how well Willow has done in the pool with Angela. She was not, I repeat not, a water dog. She was always very anxious when swimming. Angela gained Willow’s trust during their first pool session. She was patient & aware of Willow’s fears & abilities. By the second session, Willow was calm & ready to swim; you would have never guessed that she hated swimming. Angela has the magic touch! Each session Willow gets stronger & more confident. She loves her time w/Angela.” – M.K.

“First Timer: Angela at Dog Dive came highly recommended and I can see why. My 8 1/2 year old Border Collie mix hurt her hind end about a month ago. After speaking with our awesome vet she thought water therapy would be a good idea. Angela is super knowledgeable about dogs and was so patient with my dog. She was so amazing with my dog. Cashew wasn’t a fan at first but after a few she was able to calm her down and get her to swim and relax. We are definitely going back!!” – Courtney B

“Life Saver: The Dog Dive has saved my hiking partner! My eldest Wyatt started getting very tired on our outings and the distances kept getting shorter and shorter. It was terribly sad to think that his trail time may be over. Thanks to Angela and The Dog Dive I have my buddy back in full swing. Wyatt LOVES his Wednesday swim time and the results are incredible. He is hiking farther, faster and with more joy than he has in a year. His chiropractor was stunned at how improved his body is as well.” – Sam B

“6 Stars! When I walked in I was immediately at ease, the space and Angela are great. Angela’s love for animals radiates and was received well by even my deaf dog. She was quickly able to put my dog at ease and my dog was swimming on her own in no time. It was so gratifying to watch my dog have fun and get a good low impact workout at the same time. I will be back fa sho :)” – Josh P

“Rehabilitation AND Stimulation! My older Boxer, recently diagnosed with severe spondylosis, is responding positively to his warm-water “Aquassage” sessions with Angela. Between this and some chiropractic, he has bounced back from a not-so-great place. His pain has been significantly mitigated & he seems to love his time in the pool. He is noticeably reinvigorated each time & has a spunky attitude for the remainder of the day. Angela is very competent(and is much stronger than she looks!) Your dog is in good hands” – John G

“I needed to keep my middle dog, Daisy, occupied while her younger sister was recovering from being spayed, and I thought I’d see what Daisy thought of swimming (she had never been swimming before). Angela is absolutely amazing; she has an excellent process for getting new dogs used to the deck, and the pool and the water, and explained everything to me as well. Daisy had a great time, and I was thrilled with the entire experience. Thank you!” – Liz D

“Best Post Op Therapy- My 9 year old Chihuahua is recovering from a torn meniscus and ruptured ACL. I wanted to get her in for hydrotherapy ASAP. 2 weeks post op she was cleared (and her Orthopedic Surgeon was thrilled) when I asked if she was ready for hydrotherapy. She is recovering SO well! WE LOVE ANGELA!!!” – Alissa H

“Wonderful Therapy: Absolutely love the therapy here, my almost 13- year old Golden boy loves the Aquasage, his mobility has improved after just 2 sessions and his appetite has improved too, thank you Angela.” – Jeannette F

“Both of our dogs love going to the Dog Dive! Our oldest dog has arthritis in his hips, and was starting to have trouble getting around. After a couple months of going once a week, he has regained muscle, strength and stability. He is now a much happier boy playing with his sister and running around like an animal! His sister does recreational swims to stay fit, and she is in great shape for a ten year old dog. I highly recommend the Dog Dive to anyone considering it!” – Cherie W

“Happy Dog: Angela is wonderful. Her therapy has helped our 14.5 yr. old Lab/Hound mix. He has arthritis and some neurological issues that prevent him from walking as he should. The swimming/massage therapy is a perfect combo. Luke is especially happy when he gets to “go swimming” once a week. It keeps him in our lives.” –Vicky

“My dog is starting to get degenerative discs in his back, and is struggling with pain and stiffness that will get worse as he ages. I needed a pool that not only allowed dogs, but wasn’t recreational so much as therapeutic. As far as I know, this place is the only game in town for that… and Angela is made for this work. Watson doesn’t like to swim at all, but she respected his anxiety while successfully coaxing him out of it. I’m so happy this place exists as an option for my dogs as they age.” – Taylor M

“Relaxation and Relief from Severe Arthritis: Ozzie, a super senior, loved his time in the warm water with Angela. He was able to move his painful joints with ease and, after a few laps with Angela’s support, showed signs that swimming by himself may be in his future. As a rescue dog with lots of anxieties, he soon understood that Angela could be trusted and his fears about this new experience clearly abated. It was a joy to behold!” – Jan E

“Awesome Place! Angela is amazing! She has been doing aqua-massage with my tripod, teaching my spinal cord injured dog how to swim, and getting my newest rescue used to water and helping him to gain trust. She has such a calming way about her that my dogs come away relaxed and has always had a positive experience. So glad that we found The Dog Dive and met Angela! We look forward to spending our lunch hours with her and would highly recommend it to others.” – Traci M

“We started with Angela 4 months ago for our injured dog, Ben. After a traumatic leg injury, she successfully brought him through a physically and emotionally demanding time… tough for all of us! Our vet couldn’t be happier with his progress. Now, he is joined by his pup sister, Molly, who is nothing but healthy and energetic. They’re proof that both therapeutic and recreational swimming at the Dog Dive have amazing benefits. We’re forever grateful and will be regulars for years to come!” – Lynette W

“I bring my two dogs to Angela at Dog Dive for exercise and exposure once a month and they love it! Angela is wonderful with my two very different dogs and they love their time in the water.” – L.S

“What a great concept; and it is really needed. Angela is very gentle and encouraging, and our older dog Gizmo trusted her right away. He needs therapeutic swims to help with his arthritis. Now that it’s getting colder outside, The Dog Dive will be a regular part of his exercise regimen. After his first visit, Gizmo had a pep in his step and was so happy for the rest of the day! Nice, relaxed atmosphere and it is fun to watch my kid swim and enjoy himself. I highly recommend!” – C.W

“Angela is amazing! She is flexible and easy to work with. She’s a natural with dogs and effectively guides them to build confidence in the water. She makes it fun and never forces a dog into the water. My originally non-water-loving-puppy now loves playing fetch in the pool, getting massages and just hanging out with Angela. Also, now that my pup is more comfortable in the water he loves going stand-up-paddle-boarding with me.” – E.H

“Indie Loves It! After just 3 aqua-massage treatments, we are seeing great improvement in my 7 yr old labs hip mobility. She loves the place & Angela, starts howling when we pull into the parking lot!” – Nancy S

“Great Results! Mya has hip dysplasia and her sessions with Angela have been very helpful for her movement. Mya cam now gets in the truck without any help, where she used to wait for a boost.” – Dave M

“Warm & Encouraging: We have sent our 8 month old Staffy pup with neurological “issues” to Angela a few times now and are very pleased. Rosie wasn’t exactly a water dog so we were hesitant how she’d respond, but Angela was so warm and kind, Rosie warmed right up to her and is doing great!” – Amanda B

“We LOVE going to The Dog Dive. Angela is very caring and knowledgeable and puts you and your dog at ease right away. My dog always feels great after visiting The Dog Dive. She was recommended to us by our veterinarian to help loosen tight muscles and promote general wellness with her Aquassage therapy. We have been very happy with our visits and results!” – Alexandra B

“I needed my 10 week old Husky/Lab, Anushka, to be comfortable with water & swimming prior to our move to Lake Vermilion, MN. She is a very cautious pup and Angela was excellent at assessing her apprehension and skill. Angela was very knowledgeable and informative and Anushka did great for her first time. Thank you Angela!” – Sandra L

“Such Loving Care: Angela was absolutely wonderful and gentle. Her loving approach helped my Indie get over her fear of the pool steps and the massage therapy was great, it energized my dog and we noticed less limping. Can’t wait for the next treatment!” – N.S

“Swimming at Dog Dive is the best thing for my dog. She was a great swimmer as a young dog but now gets pushed out of the way at the pond. It is dirty there too! At Dog Dive she swims peacefully with Angela and I can almost hear her thinking about the good old days when she was young. After her swim she walks better, has more energy, and just seems to feel better!! It is great. Try it.” – Katherine K

“My fur baby, Oakley, is over ten years old & has had back issues for some time. The vet recommended surgery but I decided to try a less invasive holistic approach. Glad I did! After a few sessions of Aquassage, he no longer hunches his back. After a session, he is running puppy laps at home. Now when I take him, he gets so excited when we get to the freeway exit! You’d never now he’s a senior. Angela is amazing at what she does and has given Oakley a better quality of life with no surgery.” – Tina O

“Our Lab has a partially torn ACL (human term). Angela really knows her stuff! Vet suggested “prehab” before surgery and recommended Dog Dive. Nala was apprehensive and not a great swimmer, but Angela was calm and reassuring. Between the heated pool and the massage you could tell she just felt better when she got out of the pool. I would defiantly recommend this place, and will be back!” – Stacy B

“As a dog behaviorist I was extremely impressed with Angela’s knowledge and handling of my 10year old Golden-doodle Hank. I always look for the very best in canine professionals and we are lucky to have Angela. She took the new experience at Hanks pace, which reduced his fear and stress. She was extremely knowledgeable and careful. He relaxed and it seemed to work wonders for his muscle atrophy. I will be referring many of my own canine clients for therapy here!” – L. N

“My 15yr old sweet boy was soooo happy to spend time in the pool with Angela. She was sweet and compassionate towards his specific ailments (which are many). She took her time to talk to me about what he needs for treatment. We will be weekly clients for whatever amount of time he has left.” – E.B

“Angela was an amazing instructor to Sasha, my 10-month lab-terrier puppy. It was Sasha’s first time swimming and she was really nervous and didn’t know what to do. Angela was very patient with her and made her feel comfortable to get inside the pool. After a few minutes, I could see Sasha enjoyed swimming and getting hold of the toys. It was an amazing and rewarding experience to see Sasha enjoy in the pool. I’m sure, with time, this is going to help build her confidence and swim better.” – Priyanka

“I brought my 16ish year old golden to see Angela for an aqua massage last week. My dog is having trouble using her back legs. After a 30- minute session, my girl was super relaxed, but the warm water and massage actually gave her quite a bit of energy and she was walking better almost immediately! We will be back next week! Thank you Angela! You are the best!” – Natalie S

“Angela is intuitive, supportive and so helpful with my dog. She asks pertinent questions and listens to our needs. I highly recommend her Doggy Dive service for all.” – Vanessa L

“We took our dog in for an Aquassage treatment after a TPLO surgery. After getting him through being nervous about getting in the pool at all, Angela took him and swam with him and even had him fetching toys soon after. He couldn’t have had a better time and seemed much more like his happy self after the session. We ended up getting 6 more sessions because it went so well. Looking forward to getting our pup back in the pool.” – Ryan M

“Angela gave our late Golden Roy the best gift an aging dog could get. Roy always was an active dog who loved running. But in his last year he could not do that any more. Swimming gave him a chance to be a dog again. Now we have a new puppy, Golden-doodle. He just turned four months old and not sure what to expect from rivers, creeks or lakes. Angela was so patient and kind with our new guy. Now we know that he is not going to drown. And we all love swimming. Thank you Angela.” – Olga H.

“Lucky pup! Our pup is a little over a year out from a front amputation post osteosarcoma. Angela helped loosen him up and stretch him out early after surgery and is now helping make sure his other legs stay healthy. She is great with Norbert and 100% engaged in his recovery.” – Amanda A

“Great Service, great environment. Angela was wonderful with my senior boxer/pit bull mix who is recovering from a double TPLO surgery. She helped put my dog and myself at ease and was very knowledgeable and skilled in helping my dog feel comfortable in the water and addressing the atrophy issues she has. Her space is clean and inviting.” – Maria D.

“Kaiya loves her aquassage swims with Angela! Winter has been rough with the weather conditions and Kaiya and I were very excited to get her back in the water! The Dog Dive is the Best way to get low impact high cardio exercise that is fun, while enjoying the benefits of massage therapy for her post TPLO leg! We Love Angela!” – Alissa W

“Dog Paradise: 100%!!! Very clean, incredibly passionate & professional staff, my dog and his needs were always taken into consideration. We will definitely be back.” – Caitlin R

“My 4 -month old Shepherd, Daisy, has never been in the water — and we’ve got a camping trip scheduled in May along the Colorado River in Moab. Instead of her learning there, this environment was much more gentle. Angela was amazing with Daisy, holding her, massaging her gently while introducing her to water. In just Daisy’s first visit she went from a splashing mess (with Angela holding her the whole time) to some pretty smooth strokes! We’ve already got an appointment for next week!” – Diane F

“Tristan is getting so strong, about 3 # of muscle in six months. We go every week. He is a Bernese Mtn. Dog not a Lab, and not fond of swimming, but Angela, is so wonderful with him. He loves her. Mr T and I are very grateful.” – Julie M

“Luke is 13 1/2 and has arthritis and some disc problems. Dog Dive once a week does wonders. He loves Angela. It has really made him stronger and his mental attitude is better. He can play with his 2 yr. old “sister” and hold his own. Definitely recommend.” – V.A

“Winter is the toughest season for my aging golden retriever…12-1/2 years old. The heated pool and massage provide him the relief he needs. He came home and played like a puppy after his session yesterday. This is the best thing I can ever do for him!” – Dawn C

“My older dog Lola used to take a minute or two to get up from her dog bed in the mornings. Now, she jumps right up. No more pain meds either. Her stamina and her over-all energy have greatly improved. These swim sessions have been so good for her. Grateful to have this in Park City. Angela is the best!!” – D.W

“How many times do we ask ourselves, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” The benefits of the swimming (cardio) and the massage (therapy) for our fur-children is no different. I have two Golden Retrievers, one is 12 and the other 10. They have very different needs, and Angela is excellent at getting them exactly what they need. Don’t ask yourself if you should be doing this for your precious ones…the answer is most definitely yes…and the Dog Dive is the place to do it!!!” – DJ

“My dog Lucy was recently diagnosed with vasculitis. One of her symptoms is edema in her right hind leg. In addition to traditional medicine, I asked our vet if he thought aquassage would help some of the circulatory issues vasculitis brings. Angela was great with her and the swelling in her leg has gone down some since we took her in. We’ll definitely be going back – for the therapeutic benefits, but also fun for both of our dogs.” – Tiffini S

“Aquassage was recommended by my dog’s veterinarian as a way to relieve a painful back. We have done a few sessions so far and it seems to really be giving my dog relief. Angela is very knowledgeable and has a personality that would make anyone feel comfortable and at ease. The facility is clean and professional. I’m so happy The Dog Dive is in our community!” – AB

“A GREAT experience. Thank-you Angela. This was a very positive experience for a 10 year old 150 # dog that does not like water at all, in any form. He responded with a wagging tail upon exiting the pool. I am looking forward to his future visits and know that he will gain so many positive results with mobility, swelling, anxiety, etc. I am so happy that we found you and that I can provide a positive, healing, happy experience for my dogs.” – Susan D

“Truly wonderful! The entire experience with Angela at Dog Dive was truly wonderful! My willow warmed up to the whole process easily and quickly…the personal care stretching and massage had already made a difference in Willow’s back. She and I both loved it and would highly recommend Dog Dive to everyone!” – Joy B

“Awesome! Can’t wait to return! I took my 16- year old golden to Dog Dive for her bday. She had the greatest time! What an awesome facility. We will definitely return for more swimming sessions. Angela is the best–you can tell this business and helping canines and people are her passion!” – Natalie S

“Our 14 week old schnauzer puppy Tucker met a car tire and ended up with a broken hip. Although his surgery was successful, he wasn’t wanting to use his leg much and it was tightening up. He wasn’t super excited to be in water, which was a new experience for him, but Angela had him cruising around in no time! She was patient and comforting, and he was definitely one tired but looser puppy after his session. It did him a world of good. He’ll be back for sure! Highly recommend this great place!” – Kris C

“Wow.. what a terrific idea. It’s perfect for the winter in park city and not just for injured dogs but for those of us who love to romp in the water with them just for the fun of it. Our Aussie and Heeler both seemed to enjoy it and it plum tuckered em out…Cozy, Clean, warm and inviting. Angela is lovely and excellent with all the animals. We have been there 4 times so far and if it were up to me I would be there everyday just to tire out my hounds.” – Molly B

“Just what my senior dog needed! My 11- year old lab has had arthritis since he was 2 and very few treatments soothe his aching body. Fortunately, Angela at the dog dive has exactly what Brodie needs, a warm pool and a relaxing massage. It was obvious that he was not in pain for once. Over the past weeks his appetite has declined, but after his session, he ate his entire dinner and a cookie! He will definitely be going back for more.” – Ellie G.

“Our partially paralyzed dog loves it! Ari has a congenital spinal deformity and her back legs are partially paralyzed. She needs lots of activity to keep muscle tone in her weak leg and flexion muscle memory in her stronger leg. She loves the water and started swimming this summer, so The Dog Dive is the perfect answer to continue this type of exercise during the winter. After about 10 minutes of figuring out the pool, she was chasing a ball and swimming with enthusiasm. Angela is awesome and Ari didn’t want to leave!” – Melodie G

“Awesome experience. We went to The Dog Dive to give our dog a recreation swim experience. He loves to swim, but is nervous about clear water. Angela was great! At the beginning he clung to her (it was actually quite sweet) and within minutes she had him happily swimming. I’d highly recommend The Dog Dive for recreation swim or therapy.” – Karla K

“Tired Happy Puppies! Dog Dive is AWESOME! Our two cairn terriers love it. One is 11 and the other is a 1 year. 30 mins in the pool is a lot of fun for dogs and humans. They are tired puppies when they are done and such good low impact exercise” – Susan S

“Jack the Goldendoodle loves it! My dog Jack finally has a place to swim in the cold months of Park City. Angela is terrific and has lots of goodies for doggie and owners. I recommend Dog Dive for your pooch. Every dog deserves Dog Dive!” – Frank L

“Perfection: We love the Dog Dive! Angela is great with our 13 year old Australian Shepherd. He comes away loose and having had a great workout, but she doesn’t push it too far with him. Would recommend her over and over!” – Stef P