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Depending on age & breed, dogs need about 30-60 minutes of daily exercise to maintain overall health. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, almost 53% of our pets are overweight. This leaves them susceptible to countless injuries, diseases, and needlessly shortened life spans. A simple lack of exercise or mental stimulation is a common culprit for a variety of behavioral issues. Low impact activity is critical for the aging pet, as it slows the progression of degeneration. Whatever the case, AquaFitness will help keep your dog in peak shape.

ladyAll AquaFitness sessions are private, one on one sessions alongside Dog Dive’s licensed canine massage practitioner. Your pet is supervised, handled and appropriately assisted throughout the entire session. 

AquaFitness is recommended for the canine client who is most interested in preserving or achieving peak physical condition. We focus on gaining & rebuilding strength, stamina & endurance via swim. The muscles of the body become strengthened, toned and more flexible, while your dog enjoys fantastic cardiovascular exertion.

Just like our other sessions, AquaFitness is tailored to meet the specific needs of your pet. We will incorporate resistance techniques to increase the workout.

Appropriate periods of rest are given to your dog during his/ her session, while remaining within the swimming pool. The heat of the water intensifies your dog’s workout, prevents muscle strain/ injury and allows for increased mobility and range of motion.

AquaFitness is ideal for: Weight loss, Working dogs, Retrievers, Anxious pets, Cabin Fever, Aging Pets & Canine Athletes

Please feel free to bring your pet’s favorite toy(s) for this session. We have a toy selection that you are welcome to use as well.

This session does not require a veterinary referral.

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We proudly see many dogs that suffer from human & dog aggression, and other behavioral “disorders.” These sessions are life -savers for many pets that cannot handle gregarious social situations, but of course still need exercise & mental stimulation. With our private sessions, they can thrive!