Therapeutic Swimming for Dogs in Park City- Canine Rehabilitation – About


dogtherapyDog Dive is owned and operated by Angela Dirkers, licensed massage therapist since 2005. Angela is also certified & licensed in canine
massage therapy, and canine hydrotherapy. She is a member of both the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork, and Association of Canine Water Therapy. After completing the necessary pre-requisites for veterinary school admission, Angela opted to open The Dog Dive in 2015, in lieu of medicine. Her true passion lies in water therapy, bodywork, and other holistic approaches. She was the first to bring canine warm water swim therapy to Utah in 2015. Her black lab Hudson can be found most days accompanying her on the job.  Angela’s mission is to nurture and preserve the longevity of the special bond between owner & dog. She is passionately committed to providing for the current and future health and happiness of each canine client.

The Pool

Dog Dive’s pool is specially designed for canine warm water swim. Pool temperature is maintained at 87-90 degrees. Perhaps the most unique feature of our setup is the pool’s lack of chlorine. Dog Dive is a 100% chlorine free swim facility. We instead utilize a potent combination of food grade hydrogen peroxide, biguanides, and ultraviolet light to oxidize and thoroughly sanitize the pool water. This method ensures that our pool water is safe for dogs to even drink. No itchy skin, itchy eyes or odor. Dog Dive provides canine blow dryers for the comfort of the pet post-session.